How evidence is presented can have a large effect in the court room. We often do computerized case presentations with 3D animations and videos. In this case, however, a simple approach worked best.

After a snow storm, the electric company was called out to remove a tree leaning against its wires running alongside a road. It did so, but failed to fix a pole that had been pushed over slightly. Wires strung from that pole and crossing the road were lowered by the lean. Shortly afterwards a box truck struck the low hanging wires.

We calculated the height of the wires from the lean and found that the wires would sag enough with the observed pole lean to be snagged by the truck. But the result was counter-intuitive and the math would have lost any jury. So we constructed a simple exhibit to scale with two sticks and a chain. When one of the sticks was rotated to the same angle as the pole, the chain hung exactly as the math said it would, and we did not have to explain any of the complex math to the jury. The jury sided with our client.