Visibility is sometimes a key issue in accident reconstruction. In one case, where a woman's car struck and killed the custodian of her own church as he was crossing a street on his way to work, we proved that she had been temporarily blinded by the morning sun. The opposing expert disagreed, until we pointed out that he had forgotten to include daylight saving time in his analysis.

In this case, also a temporary blindness case, the driver of a car fails to see a tractor trailer parked on a curve. The truck is parked improperly with its rear end away from the curb; its driver had not put out any warning devices. The car hits the left rear end of the trailer, severely injuring the passenger.

We surveyed the site, calculated the sun angle and showed the sun was just above the roof line of a storage shed. This would have limited the driver's ability to make out the tractor trailer. But, to prove the point, we went back on the same day and time to video the car driver's perspective. We parked a similar tractor trailer in the same spot and duplicated its load profile using sheets of plywood.

The video confirmed our calculations. The last photo, taken from that video, shows just how difficult it was to make out the truck.