In this case, a car was side-swiped as it moved into the passing lane on a very rainy night on Interstate 70 near Pittsburgh. The driver pulled onto the median to assess the damage. Moments after the driver got back in his car, a panel truck entered the median and passed the car on the left, taking most of the car roof with it. The driver was hit from behind and entered a coma, from which he is not expected to recover.

The major issue in this case was whether the car was on or off the road. Both sides focused on a gouge mark found a couple of feet off the road. Experts for the truck driver said the car was on the road, that the gouge was caused by a metal hook at the rear of the driver's side of the car. We used photogrammetry to fix the truck path and show that the gouge was made by the passenger side front tire rim, that the car was indeed off the road.

Our witness perspective recreation in fog at night showed that the panel truck driver thought the car was in his lane. He passed on the left because there was no time to slow down and no room to move into the right lane.

The same view under daylight conditions clearly shows the car off the road.