Tanker maintenance can be a major factor in rollover situations. Tire blowouts are a major factor, but there are others, including the tightness of the manhole covers used to keep the gasoline inside the tanks.

In this case, a New York City gasoline tanker collides with a car at an intersection and then rolls over, plows into a corner storefront in the Bronx and burns out most of a city block.

Old-style New York City tankers are much stronger than the aluminum tankers that have replaced them. An aluminum tanker would have been reduced to a puddle in the same situation; this tanker survived the fire.

Photos taken after the fire showed that the fire department had used clamps to stop manholes from leaking. When the fire department visited the fleet owner, they found several instances of manhole maladjustment.

In our case presentation, we faded back and forth between a newsreel photo and an as-built model of the tanker to prove that manhole maladjustment was the major source of gasoline in the fire.