This case, which could have played on TV, highlights the importance of geometry and medical analysis in vehicular accident reconstruction. We have been pleased to work with Dr. Alan Berkenwald on such cases over the years.

A man is run over as he crosses the street near a major drug-dealing corner in Queens at 5 am on the 4th of July. His attorney has reason to think the ambulance that brought him to the hospital ran him over, but its driver and his attendant deny this. They say he was run over by a gypsy cab. The witnesses speak no English and provide conflicting accounts.

When we inspected the ambulance, we found a small dent in its brush guard grille. We then built computer models of the man and the ambulance and compared ambulance geometry with the man's T4 vertebra injury. The comparison didn't fit; the man was too tall, until we realized, courtesy of Dr. Berkenwald, that the man had been hit first in the hip by the truck bumper. This first hit produced a spiral fracture which would have lowered the body as it rotated.

The case settled quite favorably within hours after these images were produced.