We have reconstructed several types of automobile accidents over the years including debris-related accidents, glare-related accidents, and accidents involving road blockage, slow-moving traffic, and rear-enders. In some of these cases we have used computer model insertion into videos to reconstruct a driver's last moments before impact.


We used video insertion in a case where a car on a country road encountered a tractor-trailer jack-knifing in front of it to reconstruct the driver's last moments and to show the jury that the car driver had no way to avoid the impact.

We have reconstructed several accidents where large trucks move in front of oncoming traffic. It is surprising how quickly such trucks can move in some circumstances. Our Fall 2005 newsletter, Jackrabbit Large Trucks focuses on this accident type.

A Porsche is about to make a left turn into a driveway across oncoming traffic. A speeding motorcycle hits the right side of the Porsche. While the driver should have waited, he should have been able to make the turn in time to avoid the collision. Our analysis showed what happened

Vehicles often encounter debris left on the road or dropped from other vehicles. In this case, debris struck a car and killed its driver. The case hinged upon whether the debris was kicked up from the road or fell off the defendant vehicle. We were able to prove what happened.

Sun glare is a common accident cause. In this case, a car rounds a turn on which a tractor trailer is parked illegally. The sun interfered with the driver's vision and caused him to run into the rear of the trailer.

In another case, we proved that a woman ran over the custodian of her own church because of sun glare. The opposing expert disagreed, until we showed he'd forgotten to include daylight savings time.

Slow moving traffic is a common accident cause. In this case, a car cresting a hill comes upon a tractor crossing the road. Sight line analysis and analysis of the car's motion to rest proved that the car was speeding.

Rear end collisions are common accidents. In this case, a truck comes upon a line of cars slowing for construction on a major interstate highway.